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Excuse the interruption. I had to post this somewhere.

This is a collection of some of my theories as well as some of the theories making the rounds on the board. There will be spoilers up to EP6. EDIT: These theories were made as of EP6 and have not been updated at the end of EP8.

This might be a repeat for most of you, except check out the 'Epitaph Key Theory' under Epitaph Fakery Theory. That's a bit new.

As for the other stuff, let me know if I need to make edits. I'll be coming back to this message to edit it. Also if you guys want me to add any well established theories let me know. Like the 10th Twilight Bomb Theory? That's kinda pretty obvious now so I didn't include it here...

Spoiler for Faction War Theory:

Spoiler for Epitaph Fakery Theory -- Or, The Theory Formerly Known as the Fake First Twilight Theory:

Spoiler for Author Theory:

Spoiler for Umineko Color Theory:

Spoiler for Red Text Theory:

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