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Bardiche Assault Riot Blade II

This is the evolved model of "Bardiche Assault", Captain Fate T. Harlaown's favourite device.

To allow the dual-bladed "Riot Blade" to be easily linked up as a single component when situation demands, starting from the body material, appearance and the internal unit, there have been a number of changes to the specification and performance. Nonetheless, there has been no alteration to the base, i.e., the main body of Bardiche. Bardiche therefore retains control of the whole device. As decided by Captain Harlaown and Bardiche, the device will be a test model incorporating the operation theories and material technology for the fifth generation device.

To guarantee unrestrained mobility during situations of magic cancellation, a dedicated system of magic conversion different from the one in the CW models is incorporated. The system allows the storage of the user's magical energy in the device body, as well as the conversion of such for device activity.

Bardiche Assault Riot Zamber II

This is the evolved model of "Riot Zamber" that is originally in the form of a giant sabre. Although detailed specifications have yet to be revealed, according to presently available data it is expected to have the capability of aerial and antisurface control: an overengineered design as a personal combat equipment.

In contrast with the approach of total conversion of magic power into physical energy adopted by the CW line of AEC equipment, the fifth generation devices are designed with the concept of utilization of magical energy to create magic effects even in situations of magic cancellation. They also exhibit a higher degree of magical performance in situations of no magic interference.

Therefore, in situations of magic cancellation, the fifth generation devices can create nonfatal attacks such as shocks and stuns without relying on direct output of magical energy. Under perfect conditions, even stronger effects can be achieved.

Currently these devices are extremely difficult to handle, however. Except with users capable of highly sophisticated magic control, or in possession of "inborn magic conversion potential" such as electricity and fire, the devices show the problems of unstable operational output, high degree of energy loss, as well as insufficiency for prolonged usage.

Nevertheless, under the current background where magic cancellation is becoming a mainstream approach for illegal weapons, it can be said that these devices is a litmus test for examining the viability of magic as a peace-keeping force.

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