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^^^I knew I shouldn't have taken my time on this Here is the original post bayob.

What I'm about to post is unconfirmed and is a rumor.

This was posted on 2ch and is starting to make its way around the Japanese fans on the internet and I'd like to reiterate that it's unconfirmed.


The post that this image originated from stated the following:
I was inadvertently checking through my personal history and this appeared.
(link to image)
There is no associated page when you click the link.
I will say that someone on the board had mentioned seeing something like this before, so it could be the same person. Amazon Japan is starting to put some store goods with items, so this is possible. I'd put the possibility of this happening around 75% since Kadokawa does use a lot of calendar dates with Haruhi, but do remember that this is a rumor and not the usual confirmation that I post.

Edit: Here is an additional image taken (Poster ID is different)

“Nyahaha! Then we move to round two, Hero! ★”
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