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Thumbs up Hilarious! xD

This is how filler should always be! xD This what I've always wanted Bleach fillers to be! Now I'm happy!

I just can't stop ROTF at the Wakame Taishi surprise!! (and the background music just added what it took to burst out laughing!)

I have enjoyed the episode until the very end =D

Here are some screencaps (enjoy Ichigo's funny faces ^^) :

Unohana looks so beautiful with her hair like that!

And I'm sure monir will just drool over I-SA-NE-'s irresistible cute face!

The only negative point being Ren-Jin's outfit...seriously, can't Studio Pierrot be a little nicer to him? xD

And about the SCG, seems like the fans weren't the only ones who thought of Alice-Rukia!

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