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So, tonight was the theatrical screening and I'm (as always) overflowing with thoughts and emotions after seeing this film. While I love all three segments, I must once again wax rhapsodic about much I love "Cherry Blossoms", the first segment - the most beautiful, perfect and romantic 26 minutes of animation ever made.

It occurred to me tonight that my love for that short film is such that it could be my answer to two very profound questions: "What do you want to move to Japan so much?" is the first one. And the second? "What do you think true love is?" Just go watch those 26 minutes, Friends.

One sour note - believe it or not, Viz Cinema cut off the screening in the middle of "One More Time, One More Chance"! Seriously - with about 5 minutes left, the house lights came up and some moron from Crunchyroll started telling everyone that they were going to cut the movie short so that they could start the VIP reception in the lobby. And worse - the idiot started mocking the film - how depressing it was, how sad the ending was, blah blah blah. I tell you, I was incensed - not just for the interruption, which is a desecration of a great work of art - but for the ridicule of what should be a very subtle and open-ended finale. Honestly, the entire theater was stunned.

To make matters worse, some - though I would guess less than half - of the attendees had never seen the film. So they have no idea how powerful that ending is - though those of us that had seen it were sputtering on about it in the moments after. I feel so cheated - cheated of the opportunity to see this film get the rapturous applause it would surely have received from the entranced crowd when the closing credits rolled.

That said, I'm grateful for the chance to have seen it on the big screen and can safely say it's lost none of it's emotional power for me. I teared up a couple of times - the first, when the first instrumental chords of "One More Chance" began playing, and the second when Takaki looked up and saw Akari waiting for him in the station. I certainly saw nuance and genius in the last two short films - I always find new genius every time I watch this film. But nothing can ever compare to what that first chapter stirs in me. A truer and more beautiful expression of love - pure, innocent and powerful with all the pain that goes along with it - I have never seen depicted.
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