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EDIT: Crap, skipped a section . Added it in! You guys get a double bonus!

Now it looks like Ginga's pet project is pulled into the mess around Hayate and Auris' case. And the second day of the Gallant Trial is here...and slowly, things start to come to light... (from the shadows..... *shot*)

Crime Never Sleeps
Part 8

Part 1-4A, Part 4B, Part 5: Trial Day 1A, Part 5: Trial Day 1B, Part 5: Trial Day 1C and New Part 6 and New Part 7

Spoiler for Crime Never Sleeps, Part 8:

Part 9: Trial Day 2

Spoiler for Crime Never Sleeps, Part 9: Trial Day 2:

Spoiler for Author's Note:

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