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Originally Posted by night-sentinal
I think I'm reminded of Code Geass ... lol ... if the only way to combat the Abyssal ones would be to employ the Abyssal Eaters ... then perhaps she can tolerate the horrific project... it is after all a war situation there to save a hundred lives sacrifice ten might be her mindset. Its not right or good but its survival after all.

Besides, can she actually do anything about it ? Its like being stuck between a hard rock and a deep sea... if she leaves the org what happens then ? She'll be hunted down and not be able to do anything about the situation. At least, if she is in the org she can affect something to the better.
Have you forgotten though that Dietrich apparently has "honor"; how could she honorably stand by and let this project go on? your whole argument sounds like she's trying, very hard, to rationalize the Organization and her reasons for being there. If she truly were as honorable as she claims to be, and put her honor over reason (because their is no honor in your argument, but a whole lot of reasoning), how could she stomach what they are doing when her first instinct would be to do something about this?

Her whole honor is a bunch of bologna; she's like Priscilla as a warrior, a child, except Priscilla was at least more concrete in her beliefs. Cynthia, Priscilla and Jean wanted to protect humanity period, no questions asked. (Priscilla though, admittingly, was young, kept in the dark, and too passionate about her beliefs to see the Organization's lies; I believe though, in time, her sense of justice would have conflicted with the Organization and she would have eventually rebelled; she certainly wouldn't have approved of the Eaters for example) It sounds like Dietrich though is attempting to do the same, but also be a nice little warrior and still support the Organization; essentially, she's contradicting herself and making herself look like a moron.

Yes she can do something about it, she could leave and join the Ghosts which the Organization is totally aware of; her great knowledge of the project would greatly benefit them and their demise .

Obviously, I'm going by what you are telling me, because manga Dietrich, I believe, is no where near this unsure about her role(I at the very least, believe she fully supports the Organization and is not in any sort of transition); but if so, she is even more childish then I thought, comparable to Yuma and her weak will. It's like Dietrich, in her heart, knows what the Organization is doing is wrong and wants to fight against them, but her head is arguing for her to shut up, report back in and be a good little girl. She needs to get her act together and figure out where she belongs.

Right now, repeating myself, I believe the Ghosts should threaten her to join up, or just kill her, because she has simply seen and knows too much for her to just walk away and report everything. If she truly were as honorable as she says she is, in the long run, this will be good for her because she is fighting for the right cause this time, and will probably grow to appreciate and fully accept her new allegience....if not....then she is just more trouble then she is worth, and is better off dead.
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