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Originally Posted by Kurush View Post
Something tells me that my issue with Disney Hades has grown into some kind of minor Internet meme. Or am I getting paranoid?

Anyway, here's picking up where we left off.

Spoiler for More SHOWAH TIME!:

Your imagination on what happened.
I don't know if it's happened before or not, but I think the image of Negi getting even a small nosebleed just broke my brain.

I finally got around to typing up another chapter, so here you go.

Also, for anyone even remotely interested in the progress of this fic, whether you read my notes or not, this time they contain Important Information. It will be bolded there too, so if you don't care about the rest of it, just read what follows the bold. I swear, it's actually important.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 6
Day 7
Day 11
Day 12
Day -17
Day 14
Day 18
Day 22

Spoiler for Day 23:

Spoiler for Notes:

Thanks for reading.

Someone needs to write a Hades vs. Dynamis fic.
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