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@Diamonds Dream: If it wasn't for the title, I would have thought that Fate was dying bloodily or something! The tone leading up to that last sentence really gave off this ominous air .

A rough update...Fate's testimony and the end of Trial Day 2. Looks like things aren't going so well between the three Aces...

Crime Never Sleeps
Part 11: Trial Day 2 end

“The worst things we do are always by our own choice.”

Spoiler for Crime Never Sleeps, part 11: Trial Day 2 end:

Spoiler for Author's Note:

New Part 1-4A
New Part 4B
New Part 5: Trial Day 1A
New Part 5: Trial Day 1B
New Part 5: Trial Day 1C and New Part 6
New Part 7
Part 8 and Part 9: Trial Day 2
Part 10: Trial Day 2

Sadly, this will likely be my last update before NaNo swallows me alive!

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