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Well I would have liked if someone else has entered, instead of wining like this But never the less here is the theme for this month.

~Time Travel Ninja~

Some explanations and guidelines
  • You can't just say a ninja traveled to the past and ruled the world by knowing future or the same goes for going to the future.
  • Your character needs to have an personality based upon this. Meaning he/she needs to understand the consequences of time traveling.
  • Your character can't become godlike because of this, he needs to have an emotional side because of this, meaning it would be nice if you can describe the way your character feels because of this.
  • Also you are free to base their skills upon time traveling, meaning they can have skills/techniques to transport others maybe trough time, things like that.

So good luck And I hope everyone has fun

I'll have the thread up soon

Edit: Here is the thread!
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