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It's canon. Priscilla never really liked Raki, it was always the scent.
And somehow the scent belong to.....Claire?

Try wrapping your mind around that

The problem with this whole plotpoint, is that Yagi deliberately complicated things too much. It was simpler when the focus was only on Raki, and they both wanted to meet with Claire, more likely then not, as to help her become a half-awakened like she did at the church. In fact, it wasn't until this whole plotpoint began that we learned she even had any "goals" at all, like that cover said.

Of course she loved Raki; it may have only been because of his scent at first(regardless of whether what she wanted was actually his, or hers), but it's kind of obvious that she grew to love him in time, in her protecting and everything she did for him. She could have eaten him at the town because, after all, he smells more delicious then most, especially if Claire was the one she really wanted in the end, but she didn't....and that was when she was awakened(who'd a thunk someone could have that kind of effect?). Actions speak louder then words.

You could be of the idea that Raki's scent wasn't of any importance at all, that it was always Claire she wanted and brought her back, which is wrong, because she says in her monologue a few chapters back that Raki was the one brought her to her senses; apparently though, it wasn't enough and Claire was just the second, perhaps primary, one she wanted to meet....but Raki is not Claire and vice-versa; and all of the things we've learned overtime to explain why it was Raki that held importance in this regard, is suddenly thrown aside and it's actually Claire's? . Why? Was Claire born in the South as well? and so on and so forth? (but hasn't some translations explained, I think thanks to Cyclone, that Raki was actually born in the Southern part of the West?; Claire couldn't have been also born there, because Isley really did set out to conquer Luciella's south.....sooo....)

Taking another look, Gernot's translation says "the scent that struck to that man" actually, it could very well have been Claire's scent all along that affected her the way it did; does that mean she's gonna start sneaking into bed with her instead of him? ? It also goes further to say that that is why she refused to eat during the seven it wasn't because of Raki and wanting to maintain her humanity?...actually, it had nothing to do with him? Why would she do that? She wouldn't have been impeded either way if that was the only reason; regardless of whether or not it was her Awakened persona or her humanity coming through at the time, and I'm even questioning that now.

Yagi messed up, plain and simple; he came up with this purely for the sole purpose for Priscilla to also chase after Claire to push along the confrontation, but it just complicates what we already know; actually, he basically threw it all away, which leaves us very precious little to logically explain everything now. Priscilla is as intriguing as she is complicated, but it's silly to throw a wrench at everything we know and make things even more complicated just to have them meet when Claire would have eventually met Priscilla anyway. I swear to God, if he pulls something like it's actually Teresa's or whoever that affects her, he'll only make things more complicated, nevermind explaining how on earth Claire's scent could even be on Raki in the first place, which should have worn off ages ago regardless, even to an AB's heightened senses.

Hopefully however, like with Dietrich and explaining herself in 109, he will explain and streamlines things during the upcoming showdown about this whole matter, which will probably happen. This topic always makes me crazy .
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