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I suppose now's a good time as any to post my thoughts on the potential pairings...

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I suppose you could still call her a bro-con and it may be a bit unhealthy but I don't think she has romantic feelings for Kyousuke. Even if she did, he certainly doesn't. This series was never marketed as a forbidden romance between siblings, but rather as two siblings reconnecting as family after being so distant. I have to wonder how people would view their relationship if Kirino's obsession wasn't incest eroge. That fact certainly polarized the series.
QFT. That's the impression I'm getting.

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Spoiler for As for volume 7:
Spoiler for vol.7 - thoughts on the pairings:


Finally, I don't know if he's ever said it before, but Fushimi Tsukasa (the author) doesn't like Kirino at all.

(In the interview, they're talking about the game and the routes that will be possible)

Spoiler for length and vol.6 spoilers:

Also, he didn't plan everything right from the start:

----Kirino has really become more "dere" compared to the initial stage: did you anticipate the change in the siblings' relationship from the start?

伏見:初期段階ではまったくしていませんでした。1巻で終わると思っていましたし。2巻を書いていたときは2巻 で終わると思っていました。3巻を書いているときは4巻で終わると思っていました。私の中ではっきり変わっ たのは、4巻ラストの展開について激しく話し合ったときで、「やべぇ! この話はまだまだ続くぞ、どうしよ う」と。ストーリーをある程度先まで考えて決めたのも、そのときです。
Fushimi: At the start, I really hadn't thought of it. At first, I thought I'd end with one volume. When writing the second, I thought it'd end at 2. When writing 3, I thought we'd finish with 4. The time everything changed was at the intense meeting after the end of 4, I realised "Yikes! This story is still continuing! What should I do?" That was when I started thinking a little about what would happen in the future.

Back with more of the interview later.

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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