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While I wrote that much of this show reminds me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I also feel that it's the opposite of that anime in one key way.

My feeling with Haruhi's anime (and the novel source material itself) is that the key characters in them develop nicely and solidly over time, but most of the SOS Brigade relationship dynamics develop at a snail pace, if at all (Yuki, and her relationships with Haruhi and Kyon, being a key exception here).

In other words, while there is a nuanced but definite change in both Haruhi and Kyon, I don't get a sense that this is causing them to grow closer together (as it arguably should).

With Ore no Imouto (though I admit I haven't read the source material for this) I get the sense that numerous relationship dynamics are developing quite nicely, actually, but the characters themselves feel very static.

In other words, I certainly do see where Kyousuke and Kirino are becoming much closer to each other, and I also see good relationship development between Kyousuke and almost every other central character in this anime. In fairness, that's very impressive for seven episodes in.

However, Kirino doesn't strike me as inherently nicer or friendlier or even just more mellowed out than she was at episode one. So, actually, that does beg the question of "Why is Kyousuke going above and beyond for her?". Unless the guy is a simple masochist, it's becoming hard to fathom why he's doing this.

If Kirino was becoming a bit nicer, and showing more of a softer side, I could get it.

Or if we as the audience was let in on some past event where Kyousuke horribly wronged his sister, we'd understand his guilt and desire to make up for it.

But as is, I am finding it hard to understand why Kyousuke is sacrificing so much for his sister.

And, frankly, I somewhat disagree (just like Kyousuke seemed to ) with the argument of "there's no right or wrong to a work of creativity". There is such a thing as bad execution in a work of creativity, and there's enough complaints here from some pretty flexible anime fans that I personally think that the execution could probably be better.

Now, with that being said, some of this is a matter of taste.

Some of us like tsunderes. Some of us don't.

Some of us cheer on what is being called "wincest". Some of us dislike incest.

That's going to bear pretty heavily on how much people enjoy this anime, or its developments or themes, and I think that it would be beneficial if all sides could accept this.

I, for one, can certainly see why somebody who loves tsunderes and "wincest" would absolutely love this anime, and Kirino. This is precisely right up their ally.

But unless you're dere for tsunderes, and criticisms of "wincest" makes you tsun, then this anime can leave you wanting.

I will say this though... everything Kirino has done, and said; all of it; makes perfect sense and is understandable on her part... if she is romantically interested in her brother. In an odd sort of way, the best result for her character would be for her to be established has having such feelings for her brother. Because then everything this anime is doing fits nice and tidy, and the more questionable things Kirino does or says makes sense.

Even though I'm not a fan of "wincest", I now kind of hope that the anime goes that way (at least as it pertains to Kirino being established as having such feelings). Because otherwise Kirino's character is simply a mess, imo. This is not how a sister would try to build a closer platonic bond with her brother. A sister is not this tsundere towards a brother that she simply has normal familial affection for. But it's understandable that a sister might act this way towards her brother if she has romantic feelings for him...

That still leaves us with the question of why Kyousuke is going all out for her, though. And unlike Kirino, I'm really not getting much of any sense of incestuous desire on his part.
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