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Thought Being
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I’d like to put down my understanding of Beatrice, and Yasu’s conception of life, and how Umineko presents reality.

Thinking about Yasu and how he links with the identity we know of as Beatrice has reminded me of how I've thought about perceptions around other people. To understand how I think about Yasu's situation and perception on life, let me elaborate…

When I have conversations in real life; I'll think about, or pay attention to what the other person is probably thinking about while they are in the process of making decisions in their moment to moment actions or thoughts. When applied to yourself, your thinking mind is kind of something outside your body that’s experiencing everything. Think of it in the form of your different wants, feelings, emotions and general flow of conscious thought. This is the kind cognitive presence that intuitively feels like something very real, but isn't a kind of physical sense of two bodies in a room somewhere. I’m just finishing a first year philosophy course called the Meaning of Life, and it frequently talks about the human self. I could look around a room and think of everyone there as ‘thought beings’ that have control over and present themselves through their bodies. If you look at Umineko’s Meta world from the perspective of ‘thought beings’, it starts to give it a clearer atmosphere.

Think about your thought process right now, exactly what is going on in your head. Whatever you are thinking about right now as you read this sentence. It's a very personal kind of metaphysical 'reality' if you will, but it's something that is definitely there, based on the idea of something else that perceives as I do. This is how I imagine or understand how Yasu perceives life. Now think about, if on this abstract level, there were other ‘thought beings’, which had their own stream of consciousness, but were unconnected to a body. It’s not that much of a stretch, but this is going even farther then Yasu originally takes it. Yasu only ever interacts with creations of herself, rather only other ‘thought beings’ who are also intimately linked to her ‘Yasu body’.

To make it more clear, lets imagine, or rather assume that there is a plane, at the level of the human reasoning, thinking and consciousness. As of right now, everyone only knows of ourselves, our own consciousness. But lets assuming this is an actual plane of existence where we all exist as thought beings. On this plane alone, lets say you don’t need a body to exist. This is the space that Bern and Lambda find themselves drifting through, happening upon Beatrice’s Gameboard. This is the plane of our reality that I can conceive that Yasu ‘creates’ his other thought beings. I can conceive that Clair, Shannon, Beatrice and maybe even Kanon are different thought beings all pertaining to Yasu himself, as we are to our own bodies.

[Note: I personally rather imagine Yasu as a him; since I personally prefer that scenario, and, I feel it puts different kinds of thoughts or outlooks on what I imagine is going through his mind, overarching this plane]

This idea can be applied to every single character we’ve seen throughout Umineko in every situation. I believe everyone, every character that is shown is representing that character’s ‘thought being’ (again; just as we are to our own bodies) or other ‘created’ thought beings through other characters that exist on this level of the mind, intertwined with reality. Gaap, Beatrice, Clair, Zepar, Furfur, Shannon and Kanon are all connected to Yasu also well as to the foundation of the whole setting of Umineko and the idea of the personified Knox and Dine rules. Beatrice, as an extension of Yasu, would have an even further subset with the goats, stakes etc. Maria would be connected to Sakutarou and herself, Kumasawa with Virgilia and herself, Genji with Ronove and himself and Bern with Erika. Every other character, for example, would only have their single ‘thought being’, as shown.

I won't say that I think the Meta world is an exact representation of our own reality, obviously. I’ll just tell you that it’s an idea that’s not very far-fetched.
I could seriously be in a room full of people and think of them in terms of their thought processes, or perceptions/consciousness (what I started calling ‘thought beings’, for the sake of discussing Umineko) instead of just ‘them’ or their bodies. This is what I mean, and it’s a very real part of reality.

Then the fascinating part of Yasu’s character, as was previously discussed, for me is how she has literally created, or morphed out some kind of reality landscape (through the idea of ‘Beatrice’s Gameboard’) where people’s thought beings are able to go through logic battles, emotions, puzzle solving, duels, love etc. I view the logic battles much in the same way as how people play chess. Your mind is thinking about what it’s going to do, while actively accounting for what the other person will be thinking to progress. This kind of very, very real intellectual interactions between people is the base of what I view the logic battles as…
Only these intellectual interactions are happening actually on the plane of existent that the thinking part of the mind is on, and being completely situated there, they can face and argue with each other; they have more freedom in how they duel. There isn’t the restriction of only being able to go 3 moves ahead of the chess game in their mind, possibly not being able to remember enough to think farther ahead, only to have revise and rethink the process after the opponent does a single move. Being stuck and connected with the ‘reality’ of the situation. Here, the two thought beings can just face each other and argue over the game, knowing and remembering everything that has happened, and outsmart each other. They can even argue face to face with the author of a mystery and duke it out.

This is how I feel that every single person or being shown in Umineko exists continuously, whether or not they remember anything from any of what we want to call Kakera. From this notion of everything just being on the plane of where people’s thinking minds reside, it’s all continuous. I know this thought has been mentioned before, but from this point of view, we really could almost say that we ourselves exist in the same level as the characters in Umineko, with the whole story of 07th Expansion’s Umineko no Naku Koro ni being a ‘reality landscape’ for us as thought beings to view in on, just as Beatrice’s Gameboard is a ‘reality landscape’ for those thought beings to appear in, or look into. But keeping the structure of reality to only inside Umineko, this I feel is an incredible representation. I truly, truly feel satisfied with everything that has happened in the series. From this point of view, everything is meaningful. From this point of view, I really feel like we don’t really need to know anything about any kind of Rokkenjima Prime. Its significance is minuscule compared to the amount of depth Umineko already has. And I truly mean that.

I really want to discuss this with everyone, and have no intention of arguing at all. Please try to understand my view and give me your thoughts.

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