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Dreamless: Yes, that too. People who have heard me comment on Gundam SEED have heard me say Kira is girly, among other things. However, since the character designer--like most character designers in anime/manga--isn't all that skilled at making individual characters look distinct, I didn't bother referring to that the two look alike (I think most characters in Gundam SEED (D) look about the same, excepting differences in hair/eye/costume--but again this is something that can be said of many shows).

HaRoRuleZ: Oh, okay. Maybe someone can vote on which one they want me to translate first, because the jpegs are all starting to swim together for me ^^;. Then other Japanese people/speakers can perhaps chip in and translate the other ones (delegate, delegate ^^; ). As long as no one launches a 50-page thread about how the names were "Westernized" (god I became so sick of this debate too)... I refuse to take responsibility for how Japanese has limited phonetics and therefore theoretically allows names to be transliterated in various ways.

As for Anime-Kraze, no, we're not "into" this show as a group (god, how many groups are subbing this again?), though several staff members like this series a lot and will be sure to be keeping the rest of the group updated on anything Gundam SEED-related. (To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this show myself, mainly due to Kira and the fact that it was psychologically draining to translate/fansub the previous show to all involved, but all the political dialogue was good practice, I think.)
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