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I think he meant that Isley's plan leaded to the creation of The Abyss Feeders, and the rest is history.
Oh, that makes sense; I wouldn't call it a mistake on Isley's part though, he just didn't know....not he like can predict the future

(He? who's he? you mean Clarakiss? she's a girl )

I will answer you if i have more time. The moment i am damn busy.
Supervised is perhaps a bit strong, influenced in a subtle way perhaps. I am not good enough if it comes to such fine differences in the language.
The question is how could the priscilla child personality knew clare scent except another personality borrowed her some of her memories?
I'll repeat what I said Irvine, that perhaps this whole mystery surrounding her search for the scent's source is purely a goal of her Awakened persona.

You're confused because you're trying to figure out how, when we saw her with Isley and Raki for instance, how she knew about claire's scent; a good question, which begs all that time, when her humanity was out, have we ever heard a single word about this whole scent issue? No, we haven't. Why is that?

In recent chapters, Priscilla, her Awakened persona, said she is looking for the source of this scent to get her memories back....why would she have problems like this? I thought that, since Priscilla is an Awakened Being, and this side of her is definitely the stronger, more dominant side, that she would "have access" and not have gaps in her mind the same way her humanity does to repress everything...but apparently, her Awakened persona is just as in the dark as her human side is.

This is intriguing to say this least, because this further pushes the "two people sharing one body" statement that I said; Priscillla's Awakened Persona seemingly cannot remember Priscilla's time as a human being, everything up till her awakening (and probably the 7 years with Raki and Isley post-Extra Chapter 3, or at least bits of it)....and Priscilla's humanity is the same way, but vice-versa; she can't remember up to a certain point; at least her time as a warrior, her awakening, her rampage and so on and so forth. Priscilla's Awakened Persona and humanity, are missing what the other side has .

Priscilla, her human-side, wanted to find out and understand her past and everything by going back to her home, finding her parents and so on (though it's frustrating, arrg, because Priscilla apparently lives in the South...but Raki's own natural scent apparently got to her because it reminded him of her; Cyclone however said in his own translations that he lived in the southern part of the west, so how his scent could have affected her is confusing to me...she herself couldn't have been born in the west too because Isley really did set out to conquer Luciella's south; while I personally believe he wanted the south for his own personal gain, at least he could still appease her by getting her the land she wanted...)...Priscilla's Awakened persona however, seems to want to do the same thing through this whole scent-issue; by going back to the earliest point in her memory, which is with Claire and Teresa, which is remembers the most with one or the other's scent. The reason she has trouble remembering this, her killing of the Slayers, and so on, is because that's all muddled because of the subsequent rampage, and her own mental wrestling until she finally regressed back into her humanity after the short fight with Isley.

....It still is tricky, and I feel not all the puzzle-pieces are put together yet, but I feel we are least stepping in the right direction.
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