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Combat Cyborg (CD 2, track 16)
A weapon that seamlessly melds/unites the human body and cybernetics together. It is an old concept/idea but Scaglietti proclaimed that the perfect solution/answer [to accommodate the cybernetics, we must begin altering the human body the moment it is born] (alt trans: to prevent the rejection of the cybernetics, we must begin construction the moment the human body is born) (Jap Text: [機械の適合適応のため 、誕生の時点で人体の方を作り替える。])
Possessing an artificial metal skeletal frame and artificial muscles, genetic adjustments/alterations and a Linker Core regulating/tuning program unit implanted within, they possess a high combat strength/ability.
Thus Subaru, Ginga and all the Numbers were born as these [Combat Cyborgs].
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