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I posted this last time when EP7 was about to come out, but I thought I should post it again for EP8.

I use Translation Aggregator to lift the text out of Umineko and do instant dictionary look-ups. This can be a pretty good aid for people who have some basic understanding of Japanese grammar, but lack the vocabulary. People use these tools to run the text through automatic translators, although I wouldn't recommend that.

Note: Hongfire pages may not be safe for work, or at least their ads. At the very least you may get strange stares from co-workers or family; just get in and out quickly. 8)

Translation Aggregator (It comes with AGTH already)

If you want to read the details on it's this thread:

You will also need the EDICT dictionary <-- Save As to <Where you stuck TA>\dictionaries

Hidden for length:
Spoiler for How to hook up Umineko to Translation Aggregator:

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