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Starlight Breaker (CD 2, track 17)
[Accumulatory Cannonfire] which gathers mana in the surrounding area, then reuses and releases it. One of Teana’s ultimate/greatest bombardment magic, still currently in the midst of perfecting it as one of her trump card.
Teana’s weakness is that she is not blessed with an abundance of mana, thus this was one potential answer to compensate for her lack of [overall/absolute fire power]. Not only does this compensate her weakpoint but it also has the potential of a [one shot kill].
Presently incomplete, but has managed to reproduce the basic/fundamental form and kept/borrowed the same spell name of her Combat Tactic Instructor’s favourite magic. (Personally, though many are awed/intimidated by the name, it’s only remained the same because she hasn’t come up with an alternative name yet)
Sooner or later she’ll come up with her own personal take on the spell after she successfully perfects it, then she will receive a new name for it when she succeeds/inherits [the Starlight] from her teacher.
(Trans Note: Wow, okay, the Japanese text makes it seem like one of these martial arts movies where the stern teacher (Nanoha) passes on her secret ultimate technique to her disciple/student (Teana).
Jap text: いずれ自分なりのアレンジを加え、新たな名を与えた時、師から教え子に受け継がれた「星の光」は完成する事 となる。)
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