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International Saimoe League 2011

The International Saimoe League will once again be back in 2011 for its fourth year and we welcome you all to participate. There are some exciting new changes for this year that you can view below, but for the most part, the tournament structure stays the same. Feel free to discuss ISML while waiting for it to start, so here are some questions for those who want their opinions known:
  • Which characters from the Top 16 in 2010 will stay there in 2011?
  • Which characters in 2010 won't be back in ISML Regular Season?
  • Which series will lose popularity, and which will gain popularity?
  • Which character do you want to win the tiara in 2011?
  • What do you think of the new changes?

Remember to participate in ISML in 2011! You can visit us at the link below:

International Saimoe League 2011

♬ the same melody repeats itself...
as the song grows richer and more beautiful ♬
♥ wouldn't it be wonderful if..
we could live seemingly constant lives... ♥
♥ while experiencing little changes bit by bit?

  • If you want to help us out in running this event, visit us @ #kazeyomi on
  • For more information about ISML or characters in Saimoe, please visit the Saimoe Wiki

Survey Exhibition Phase
-A survey will be conducted on January 1 of 2011 that will last at least one week.
-Its purpose is to having a test phase to make sure everything is working correctly.
-Exhibition matches will be included, but you have to complete the survey to gain access.

Nomination Phase
-There will be 12 nomination slots, unchanged from ISML 2010
-You have to nominate at least 4 characters from 3 different series.
-Slots are unweighted, so all of your nominees receive 1 vote each.
-This phase will last for one week, starting from February 2 to February 12 of 2011.

Do Not Nominate

Preliminary Phase
-A total of 144 characters will participate from other saimoe tournaments of 2010 and the nomination phase.
-The format is very similar to last year's with 3 phases: round robin, single elimination, and group.
-There will also be 3 seeding matches after the qualification phases.
-This phase will last for about five weeks, starting from March 4 to April 5 of 2010.

Round-Robin Phase
-The total contestants in the regular season remains at 50.
-There are no qualifiers directly to the regular season. All 50 contestants come from the Preliminary Phase.
-There will be an Necklace Match at the end of every period to determine the necklace winner.
-Exhibition matches will take place in all 8 days of the period.
-Each character can only win one necklace each year.
-This phase will last for about twenty-four weeks, starting from April 25 and end October 5.

Elimination Phase
-ISML post-season will be switch to a Single Elimination format.
-A Consolation Bracket still exists, so it is possible to get 3rd place when eliminated in the first match.
-Exhibition Matches will still occur, although there are less of them than in ISML 2010 Double Elimination.
-This phase will last for about three weeks, starting from October 31 and end November 16.

Posting Rules

General Rules:
  • Absolutely no campaign posts allowed.
    This includes posts containing ANY campaign verbiage whether in whole or in part. Contributing to the debate is encouraged, provided you do NOT add "VOTE ABCD!!!" (or similar to the post itself). Simply rebutting another's post or opinion with "XYZ sucks" is totally unacceptable.
  • Please do not create a post with the sole purpose to campaign for a character!
  • No Image campaigning.
    Do not create a post with an image or collage representation of a campaign poster. In other words: a PhotoShopped image of the character you want people to vote for with “vote for” text added to it.

Posting Etiquette:
  • Please do not cross post information about this tournament in other AnimeSuki threads.
    Keep all Anime Saimoe Tournament posts, campaigns, character information, voting links, etc., within this thread only or in your signature (signature size limits still apply).
  • No "meta-posting".
    Meaning: posting about another poster, the thread or about another post itself, is forbidden and will be deleted on-the-spot, regardless of intention. If you want to comment about another poster that’s off-topic and/or personal, send them a PM.
  • Any flame-baiting will be deleted and those people banned.
    Please keep the thread positive, fun and clean. If your choice doesn’t win the Round and you can’t discuss the fact without complaining, swearing and baiting people into arguments, then don’t post.
  • Do not create image only posts.
    You can, however, include an image with your discussion. If you want to visually support the character you’re voting for then please do so in the context of your original discussion and use only one or two images. We would encourage the use of “thumbnails” if possible (and please, no large images). PM the mods if you need help with posting thumbnail images.

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