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I'm finally done with Episode 8.
I strongly recommend people not to look for spoilers at all, no matter how far they are already spoiled or not. Therefore, my reactions are potentially damaging as well, so by all means, please be prepared or scramble out of this thread on this very instant.

Anyway, I did make this warning because Episode 8 definitely was something "personal", to the point Ryukishi's goal and means looped like a donut, like the analogy he used before.
Episode 8 not being a textbook answer session is an understatement: there is basically nothing that explains what "truly happened" on the 4 and 5th october 1986. Actually, the whole thing was... perhaps "meaningless" (however, it is very likely I've missed various hints and details that are basically critical).
That being said, I believe the whole point was similar to how Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi are drastically different between each other. For all it matters, Episode 7 was taking care of the Mystery (although I will agree that some "spoonfeeding" wouldn't be bad considering Umineko's mystery).

This will probably shock a lot of people, but I personally understand why Ryukishi took this path.
No Umineko Episode managed to stir so many different emotions from me than this one, and I was surprised more than once how too similar I was to chibi ange, and ange before her epiphany (those who follow my twitter's account can testify how my comments were jumping everywhere, nowhere close how I was with ep7).
I will give you that this doesn't excuse the potential "robbed solution" that people were expecting but... Episode 8 was sort of a journey about the truth. By itself, the actual truth wasn't the most important thing, but rather its meaning and also the "means" for it.

I do no want to make it anything sophisticated or childishily simple, but Twilight of the golden witch was enjoyable, because while the mystery was basically hammered to death in Requiem, Twilight managed something that I nearly didn't have for some episode: care for the characters.
I dunno about the fandom, but like I said, this episode definitely stirred a lot of things, and Ryukishi probably won his bet and savor his multiplied wage: that the outcome was sidetracked, but the struggle itself was the center of attention.
And believe me, you can criticize the lack of revelations for all I care, the ride was just a blast (so many awesome moments, like Will/Dlanor tag team, Erika/Ange tag team, Lambdadelta, even Bernkastel, etc).

I never thought I was going to use this quote especially my mindset when I started Twilight but... from Battler "is truth is really that important?".
Of course, I won't deny that I still have the burning desire to know at 100% what the bloody hell happened on Rokkenjima over these 7 games.

Was it mystery? Was it fantasy?
I honestly can't answer to that for the moment. However, all I can say: it was definitely a warm and ass kicking tale.

I realize this may sound like a fanboy forgiving every flaws, not bothering to check every nook and cranny. However, I trust people who know me that I certainly am not of a blind fool who would overlook flaws for no damn reason.
I certainly won't claim there isn't any, and Umineko no Naku Koro ni is definitely a debatable tale that will never have an absolute consensus... it would be a miracle, wouldn't it?

However, know this that... you definitely should check this Episode, just because how it is unfold.
That is all of the moment.

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