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papermario13689's Sayings

A compilation of sayings by myself.

- In an orchestra, missing just one instrument will dramatically change the sound. Such is the way our life works - if we lose one important person, our lives change dramatically. Therefore, we must fill the void by opening new doors and allowing new people in. The end result is always a majestic sound.

- "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." However, life doesn't hand you lemons. Instead, when life gives you opportunities, make yourself an opportunist.

- Our lives are like arrows fired from a bow. If we aim straight at the target, we theoretically should hit it directly. However, obstacles always get in our way, causing us to stray from the target. The important thing to remember is that hitting the target is all that matters - nobody expects us to make a perfect shot at life.

- Fortune isn't wealth. People always make this simple mistake, but fortunate are the ones who know the true meaning of fortune - the gift of life and happiness.

- Both a compliment and an insult can stay with someone forever. These are powerful tools - one that sends poison through the body, while the other sends bliss. We never got anywhere by insulting others - it's the words of faith that keep us going.

- We never walk backwards because it is dangerous. It is important to take steps forward to get ahead in life, but never forget to turn around and backtrack now and then as well. Just remember to face forward when you walk, no matter whichever way you are going.

- They said the Earth wasn't round. They said man could never fly. They said you could never be something. They were wrong.

- Everyone is born with a talent, there is nobody in the world that doesn't possess one. The difference between people is that some will let that talent become lost to the world, while others will pursue them to the ends of the Earth. Always pursue your talents, and the world will remember your name.

- Reward only comes to those who are not afraid to step outside their own boundaries. One cannot expect to move forward when they never take chances.

- Empathy is to feel with a person, while sympathy is the feel for the person. Always practice empathy before sympathy. For instance, if you obtained an umbrella and were walking in the rain with your girlfriend, you would see that she was getting wet from the rain. Thus, the normal reaction would be to both stand under the umbrella. However, this would mean that when you returned home, you would be dry while she was drenched. Instead, offer her the umbrella, and feel the rain as she did. Anyone can sympathize without meaning, but one cannot empathize unless they absolutely cared for the person's troubles.

"Give a fish to a homeless man, and he will eat for one day. Teach the man to fish, and he will never go hungry again." Take this saying a step further, and encourage the man to take the same action for another unfortunate being. This way, that man is not the only one that will be freed from hunger.

- The only thing more important than leading a fulfilling life is leading a fulfilling life with your one and only true love.

- Walk not the path that others build for you, but the one you build for yourself.

- "Rome wasn't built in a day." However, the signing of the Declaration of Independence formed the United States in one day. When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, the very definition of humanity was forged that day. Do not mistake this saying, it does not imply that grand things cannot be built in one day, but instead implies that hard work and dedication is the foundation for greatness.

- If you're going to work half-heartedly, don't work at all. The well-oiled machine does not need a rusty cog added to it while it is running smoothly.

- Join me on my path across life - the lonely venture becomes less impossible with every person you meet along the way.

- "There is somebody for everyone in this world." Grasp this saying tightly, for those who don't find anyone gave up too early.

- Laughter is only one of the best medicines. Mix in love and affection, and you've got a concoction that cannot be beaten.

- Why is the sky our limit? Always reach for beyond that, as far as you can go.

- Never give up, because that is when it's over.

- Give up? That's never an option you should take, because dedicated perseverance always pays off in the end.

- Why do we falter? Because we're scared. But why do we push on? Because we're strong on the inside, no matter what anyone says.

- The moment you stop living for yourself, is the moment you start living for others. This beautiful moment is undeniably the best you will have in your life.

- When all is grim, a simple prayer stretches out and saves those who are at their absolute end.

- Given the choice, would you be beautiful on the outside, or on the inside? Truly reflect on how being beautiful on the outside will leave you emotionally empty, while being beautiful on the inside will leave you in a completely different state.

- Reach out to the people you meet, and they will reach back. Through this joining of hands, we are truly taught the importance of unity.

- Nothing in this world stays the same. If you don't get up and move with it, you can never take that step forward in your life.

- "I can't" isn't an acceptable phrase, there is nothing you can't do if you put everything you've got into learning.

- Procrastination is the biggest ingredient in failure. We can't determine our own future, so you kill off your chances at life whenever you procrastinate.

- Sheltering yourself from the world is a wrecking ball, and interaction is the order to cancel. Today's demolition? Your life.

- Love for yourself is stronger than unbreakable steel. What other love can fuel all of your decisions and actions all at once?

- You never know how truly blessed you are, until you or your loved one is standing at death's door.

- You never know how others live...until you've taken their steps for yourself.

- When you drown in the problems in your life, a hand always reaches out from somewhere. You cannot give up while this hand offers you life again.

- Fear sinks in, and you cower. Stand up, overcome the fear. Only then can you move on with your life.

- Everyone has a talent and a problem in their lifetime. It would be wise to nurture the talent and to push through the problem.

- Live or die, the choice is ultimately ours, isn't it? And it seems that you've chosen correctly if you can read this message.

- People say life isn't long enough, but as long as you don't procrastinate, you have plenty of time to do whatever you wish.

- A true friend stays until the painful end.

- One needs nourishment to survive - not just physically, but mentally as well. To be precise, one needs much more mental nourishment than physical nourishment.

- No matter how many times you are knocked over, if you keep getting back up and trying again, you will always succeed.

- Practice does not make perfect - nobody is perfect. Instead, practice makes permanent - you permanently become skilled in your own way.

- Do you have the will to fight on? Then you cannot lose.

- Why do we eat and drink? So we can live. Why do we love? For the exact same reason.

- When death knocks at your door, do not answer unless you have no regrets left in life.

- Monetary value means nothing when compared to the value of life itself.

- Happiness comes every day for some people, and for some it never comes at all. Always treasure every day as if it was your last.

- We hold hands, and with our combined strength, we fight for one person. That is the power of love, which can break any curse.

- Ice always melts, so you can't live a cold life forever.
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