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Sofiel's Sayings

A compilation of Sofiel's Sayings, which were written in conjunction with my own.

- Loneliness is merely the temprance that allows us to truly apperciate what it means to be loved. If we learn to cultivate gratitude, loneliness is merely an intermission to pure joy.

- Darkness fears light, not the other way around. When there is light darkness shuns away and hides. Never does darkness overtake the light unless you put the light out. Think about that next time you allow darkness swell in your heart.

- "You are the wind, I am the sand" we are two seperate things yet we dance together so easily~ that is the grace of true love.

- Night Blooming Cereus, a flower which blooms only at night - you mustn't pluck, for these flowers are paired - plucking a blossom from one location causes another elsewhere to die. They are truly "the love of those who only wish to see each other." Love in this way and you shall understand the virtue of this flower.

- You know it's love when you want to give joy and forsake the consequences.

- As children we learn that the world can be anything we imagine, yet as adults we believe the world can only be what we experienced... If that is true, than that makes the adult the foolish one.

- No matter how cloudy things get or how dark the day becomes, know that the sun is always shining above those clouds.

- One does not need to be a beauty that can destroy a nation to have happiness.

- Every girl deserves to be Cinderella.

- Dilated eyes, queasy sick feeling, loss of sense of self, feelings of faintness, and desire of warmth - there are two things that make one feel this way - Love and Poison. Both will change your world forever.

- Love is the star that guides you through the blackest of nights.

- If there is no hope then you've not seen the fire within your soul. The song and melody of your body that urges you ever forward.

- The universe isn't something to demand of or rush, it will give all in time you need only keep that thought in your heart.

- There is no such thing as an empty greeting, all of us touch each others lives in a profound way. Once we meet our lives have already begun to alter course.

- You can not stifle or deny love, it is a raging fire that will emerge eventually and scorch you.

- The only words a human can say that will never be true is: "I love no one."

- Divine power gave birth to the galaxy through the stars, which gave birth to life, so you could say that we were made from stars. You needn't wish on a star you merely need to wish in your heart. Surly it would come true as you are always the first star you see.

- If you feel that things are out of your reach just take a step. That is all you need to do is take the first step forward. You will find that it shall come closer and closer with each step.

- Reflection is the first step to healing past pain. You may not realize it, but the second you look back the healing process has already begun.
The answer to all global, universal, and individual problems existing today is to rid ourselves of our ego or false self.

- Do not let the poisons of the world effect you. If you do that than anyone has control over your happiness. Wouldn't it be best if you had control?

- If beauty is only what your eyes can see, then you are trapped in a fatal illusion. True beauty is felt heart to heart, a place too profound for superficial senses.

- You can become anyone do anything and change a bad deed by simply saying "From now on I won't do it." There is no need for tomorrow or after this or that. You can change simply having the courage to start now.

- When you look at things and situations in life look with as little preconceptions as possible. You should always question and ask what things are doing or how they work, even if you already know. The ability to relearn and discern is our gift as concious beings.

- Take your time, the story will tell itself, but not always in the pace we would want.

- Often times one rages denial of what their innerself is telling them. Listen to your heart, it's the only guiding post that can't betray you. Only people can do that.

- Live for your dreams till the last drop of your blood, death can come at any time.

- Take a chance, there is nothing wrong with rejection or failure. What is wrong is never trying and allowing yourself to live in regret. Never pass up a chance if you feel the push, take it!

- I still believe the world is a beautiful place. Sure there is terrible things that happen and darkness around us, but there is also the overcoming of it.

- Control anger... before it controls you.

- Life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.

- An esteemed person should not worry about people knowing them, they should worry about people they do not know.

- Some people ask when they are at the end of their rope, why do I still live. The answer is simple, you haven't given up on the dream... not yet.

- Never judging someones appearance, being accepting and caring despite race, weight, background or past, Always be cheerful when others are around and open to meet and learn about new people, grasp reality and strive ever forward, rejoice in what is given and give thanks always. Sound like a wonderful person? Well, your dog is already that... so why is it that we behave poorer than a dog?

- Short-term expediency always fails in the long-term.

- Seeds are planted with each new meeting, don't judge too quickly because what fruit they bare can not be known until the one flourishes.

- We each write the story of our own lives, if you feel yours isn't worth reading perhaps it's time to edit it.

- When others place impossible expectations on a man, he must redefine his goals, and forge his own path. That way at least someone is satisfied.

- A life lived in love will never be dull.

- Do not let yourself or anyone else set the limit to what you can do or who you can become. Setting limits on yourself and your possible chance at happiness is how sorrow and loss is created.

- Who being loved is poor?

- Dreams are the trailer of life's coming attractions.

- Time isn't always your enemy, learn to use the time you are given and you'll find you can have time work for you.

- The only thing that shall limit you is you. No one else can stop you, no situation can stop you, no words can hinder you. When you understand this you'll learn just how powerful you are.
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