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Thanks guys. And the interesting part of the post, and the perspective presented within, is that it didn't need to appeal to anything past EP4 to come to those conclusions. All it actually needed was the right outlook and belief or trust in the preceptor behind it. I would call the truth enabled by this perspective the essence of When They Cry 3. In that sense, the Chiru arcs were only necessary to form this perspective and unlock the underlying truth within. The information presented in When They Cry 4 was completely unnecessary to understand the heart of Meta-Beatrice; her goals and actions in creating and participating in this game. The information gathered and revealed throughout EP 5-7 was, rather, necessary to prove the authenticity of Beatrice's tale. It grappled with the factors affecting events on the island, such as Kinzo's perpetuated existence, and the physical creation and link to Beatrice. It also lined up and explained the endless, multi-truth reality of Beatrice's tale, and expounded on the nature of the cat box, being the the foundation for her gameboard, and the level that Meta-Beatrice resides in. These are aspects that, while providing credibility and comprehension to Beatrice's tales, are seperate from the love-filled message she creates.

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