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I've going to take an even more negative view about the rest of the episode. Outside of the battle, the rest of it felt tacked on in an effort to fill up the full 24 minutes. It was just pointless filler, even for a kids show. They just show him sitting around.

The card game... what? That made so little sense. If you can knock cards off the field and do damage why didn't he? Okay, that's being unfair. It mostly made sense. The problem is they've shown little to nothing resembling strategy. Just luck and stuffing the deck with the strongest cards wins. The cards on the field didn't seem to matter beside the Vanguard. And yes, the cards are still a Yugioh ripoff design wise.

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As it stands now, it's too simple to catter to the audience who enjoy(ed) Yu-Gi-Oh!.
Since it is region blocked on nico, I can't see what the reaction there is, but I get the sense that simplicity isn't an issue. What nico liked about Yugioh is how silly it was compared to real life. "It's just a card game." "Yes, yes, cheating." This seems too based in reality. I don't think absurdly good luck gets as interesting as something that can only be considered possible through cheating. It's not over the top enough, despite the obvious meme setups. ( Berserker Soul wants its ability back. Or maybe that was ずっと俺のターン. )
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