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I don't think Kyubey is evil either. He's amoral. His only purpose is to contract with girls. He has no concern for their welfare beyond that (which should have been obvious by his interactions with Mami and Homura), and his insistence that the girls contract after Mami died was purely out of the fact that there was a witch that needed defeating and two potential candidates for doing that were right there. A better question to ask is who is above Kyubey, or perhaps how the witch/magical girl system got started in the first place. I highly doubt it was for his own amusement, seeing his general lack of anything but his role as a contractor. The other question to ask is why size matters, in reference to his claim that Madoka has the biggest potential of all his candidates.
I don't think Kyuubee is evil as well. It would also be way too obvious the way he's set up.
I think the "evil red eyes" stuff was done intentionally to mislead people about his true nature (whatever that may be).

I also think the "magical girls become witches" theory is stupid, because it doesn't make sense. It's like this:
  1. There are lots of malicious, wicked witches that need to be fought. If they're not fought, they drive people into suicide (like the woman in e. 2) and probably many other nasty things as well.
  2. Thus, the contractors (Kyuubee and others) have a great need for getting girls to become magical girls, in order to fight those witches. it's is so important that the contractors offer the girls even a great reward besides the powers of a magical witch, in order to have them take up the job.
  3. This tells me that the consequences of the witches not being fought by enough magical girls would be far more disastrous than some people commiting suicide: If allowed to roam freely, they might even wreck the world! (this might be what we've seen at the start of ep. 1: not enough magical girls to fight the witches -> witches turn world into ruins)
  4. It's therefore extremely important that as much girls as possible fight the witches, which is why Kyuubee (and probably other contractors as well) put so much effort into recruiting new girls as magical girls, because the fate of the world depends on it. This urgent need to recruit new girls may make the contractors look cold.
  5. If magical girls *would* turn into witches, it would make the witches problem only more serious. Putting so much effort into something (recruiting new girls) that doesn't solve the problem (the witches) but even makes it worse, would make no sense whatsoever.
  6. Besides, this would also mean: no magical girls - no witches! That way, there wouldn't have been any witches in the first place, and there thus wouldn't have been any need to recruit new girls and even reward them with a wish to fight the witches, since there wouldn't have been any.
  7. Therefore, the witches must have some other origin (perhaps ordinary people that became that wicked they became witches) and not come from magical girls.

Among the magical girls, there are two sorts of girls: friendly ones, which are willing to share their loot (the grief seeds) with others and would also be willing to work together with other magical girls, like Mami.
Then there are still other ones like Homura: Arrogant, conceited ones who do everything by themselves, never work together with other magical girls because it would be below their dignity, who look down on ordinary girls (that could be very well seen at the end of ep. 3), who want everything for themselves and never share with other magical girls, and who are even that fiercely competitive that they work up plans to have other magical girls killed and threathen ordinary girls not to become magical girls, just so they can have everything for themselves.

Something else about the brown, shapeless goop that falls down after the witch-worm is dead: it looked like chocolate to me, which would fit the "sweets" them of the witch just fine.
If we assume that the witch had actually eated Mami's body, there were only one to two minutes before Homura appeared and quickly finished it off. That timespan was way too short to digest Mami's body at all, much less that thoroughly that it turns into shapeless, brown goop.
We never saw the witch-worm eating Mami's body, either. It only bit her to death and then dropped her. If it had actually intended to eat her, it would've done so in the first plece and eaten her at once, rather than just biting her and then dropping her.

Another idea I just came up with: Just imagine we got to see a scene next episode where we saw Mami's headless body slowly rising, then crawling around, patting for the head, putting it back up and then saying: "Aww, not again! I really hate it when that happens!"
Having a magical girl (especially Mami) die is quite shocking already. Getting to know that the magical girls all already have died many times while fighting witches, just to piece themselves together again afterwards and continue the fight, would be even much more shocking.
(Something like that could also explain why there was no Soul Gem when Mami died.)
It would just fit Urobochi's twisted mind, and it would give him the opportunity to have the magical girls (Mami and Homura, and then also Madoka and Sayaka) still die various nasty deaths, rather than just once. I could really see him doing that.

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