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Imageshack doesn't seem to like loading all those thumbnails on thread pg 7 today. I'll try to keep future endeavors close to 100 thumbs/pg to avoid that problem. The post links following will just load to one post, so use them if you have trouble seeing all the thumbnails from pg 7, especially if the Homura post is cut off for anyone (should be 36 thumbnails there).

Sayaka post. See Genten's post for some of the cooler Sayaka pics I've omitted from this batch. Older batches:
Mami 1 2 3 4 5
Homura 1

"Huh? I don't have a lot of fanart do I?"
You will, Sayaka. You will. Maybe not while you're alive though .
Pixiv links to all images and the one above in the spoiler tag below, and as always they are grouped in the same manner the pics are organized in rows.

Sayaka and Madoka

Spoiler for Pixiv links:

I've come across a lot of group pics gathering Sayaka pics, so I'll probably make a group batch next unless I get overwhelmed by more Mami pics.
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