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It's a bit impetuous of me to do so, but I've changed my strategy on this uploading business a bit. There will be a zip of everything I have downloaded recently (of Mami) and my post will be what I find to be the "most finished" of what I've come across. As a result, this post may feel a bit sterile but you'll find everything else including sprite art, jokes, mecha design, monochromes, sketches, and more esoteric fanart in the zip. Depending on how quickly new fanart appears on Pixiv, I might just follow this format from now on for batch posting.
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The aforementioned zip.
If you want to find a fanart's pixiv page, copy the 8 numbers in the image's file name and put them at the end of
PM me any suggestions or comments, and check out the artists' pages if you find something interesting.
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