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Fun random trivia time. Right now there are more pics of Charlotte by herself than there are of Homura or Sayaka solo. Mami has 11 of the 14 1000+ user bookmarked Madoka Magica images to herself. Madoka has 2, and Charlotte has 1.

I wonder how many people thought "Gate of Babylon" instead of "UBW" when they saw ep 1.

Like last time, the zip has comics, lineart, images that have more of a sketch quality in the character art or the background, or they are cleanly done but unremarkable (or slightly less remarkable than what is posted). Take a look if you like Mami and are not already obsessively collecting her pics like me. I tend to be a stickler for odd styles, so if you find my taste to be bland or atrocious, see if you like something in the zip. Zip here (~49.4 MB).
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