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This was meaningless
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It's interesting what you'll think about in the dead of night, in a mechanical trance as you go through the repetitive motions of click, browse, upload, copy, paste, tab. Like, "Why are there authors who do whole galleries of BL and then a sexy Mami?" or "How did おっぱいマミマミ (Oppai MamiMami) turn up as a tag with 100+ images?" or "What if someone likes something from this 60.2ish MB zip I didn't feel like uploading?"

*** The pic on the staircase is 8mb (too big for imageshack) and has huge dimensions. Someone already put it up on safebooru, so go there and hit "Original Size" on the left bank of options if you want the full size. Link

Braless and open shirt probably would be something NSFW me.
Spoiler for NSFW:

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I think I've figured out a moe point I look for--eyelashes. Eyelashes more elaborate than two or three strokes off of a black horizon.
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