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This was meaningless
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Up until now I'd been keeping track of pics that had glaring flaws like horrible anatomy, horrible save settings, and horrible lines; I noticed the folder I was keeping them in passed 200 images. Today, or maybe just for this moment, I forgot why I kept em. It's like a trash can you forget to empty. Luckily, here's a zip of some new stuff with the burnable and unburnable trash removed.

I knew she did a lot of NIS characters, but I didn't know Mizuhasu voiced the Archer too. Maybe they'll put in a weapon that has a Tiro Finale or U*W-like attack in Disgaea 4 the way they gave Rosalin her Nanoha friendship beam.

One pic's kind of trippy. Interplay between dissolve brush strokes, faux interlacing, and rainbow outlines.
In hindsight, I probably should have saved up all the group pics I've been mixing in. Oh well.

Spoiler for NSFW b/c of fluid and thighs:
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