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Name: Edward Elric
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: White

Country of Origin: Unknown ( most likely Germany due to his accent )
Personality: A quiet type person, he prefers to let his actions speak for him. Spends most of his time reading books than starting conversations. Also genuinely cares for others, but he prefers not to show it. Is mostly polite to people around him but won't hesitate to use his fists to get the point across. Doesn't have many friends.

Biography: Some of his origins remain a mystery but what is known is that he is an orphan who lost his right arm and left leg at a young age ( how he lost them remians a mystery) , spent the majority of his life in an orphanage. Often teased and picked on by the others because of his matching hair color and eyes and his missing limbs. He is adopted by Trisha Elric Hohenhiem and Van Hohenhiem when he was 10 years old. Gained an interest in IS technology when he was 12 and continues to study it with his mother helping him from time to time ( she's an IS researcher who often tries out her own works ). They currently live in Japan.

Notable Physical Traits: Has several scars on his back, the most notable one is a bear claw mark. Has composite material prosthetic left leg and right arm. Prefers to wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and gloves to hide his scars and the fact that he has prosthetic limbs.

Unit Type: Infinite Stratos
Unit Name: Night Fury
Unit Paint Scheme: Black.
Manufacturer: In house
Storage Mode: Silver pocketwatch

Weapons: x1 "Mobius" Variable Output Assault Rifle, x2 "Raptor" Energy Saber, x2 "Thor" Helical Railguns, 1x plasma bazooka

Unit History: IS Core No. 77. The pet project of Trisha and Van Hohenhiem. The Night Fury boasts high mobility and features large thrusters mounted in a wing-like arrangement on its back. Sporting multiple vernier thrusters throughout its frame, the unit is capable of achieving precise movements and high speeds. The Night Fury can out run and out manuever compared to other IS even in it's 'factory' settings. Still in prototype stage and is incomplete. Most test pilots could not handle the Night Fury and many end up in hospitals due to injuries sustained during live tests ( herself included ) due to the incomplete inertia dampener ( they have problems trying to make it work on the Night Fury because of it's sheer power in speed, acceleration, reaction times and agility ). For some unknown reason it responded and accepts Edward. Fearing for his life Trisha pulled some strings and placed him into the IS Academy. Unlike most IS the Night Fury's frame covers the entire body and has a helmet with a retractable visor.

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