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I think Mami's average bust size is increasing in direct proportion with fan sentimentality. I've seen pics of her with Tifa and now with adult Fate. Impressive considering she's only supposed to be 14-15 . So, the artist to one of these also had a recent pic in their gallery of Shizuo and Izaya frenching. Excuse me as I cleanse my short term memory. There's a 38MB zip with usual items that did not get uploaded, though rest assured that there are most definitely no attractive young men and boys spooning each other.

Mami seems appealing to a wide range of artists. What's she got going for her anyway? Uses guns, large breasts, she's a mentor, mature, elegant, has twin drills, thighhighs, a tragic past, died in battle... maybe she even wore glasses. Kind of a high bar for the other characters to pass, I suppose.

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