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Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
(1) Why did Kyubey have to inform Homura(n)-chan and Kyou[s]k[/sto-chan about the Sayaka's SG turning dark? Does Kyubey care about what's happening to her? Does Homura(n) care? Why was Kyouko and Madoka the only one who truely cared when Kyubey told this? Is it because Homura(n) DOES want Sayaka to turn witch?! Idk.
1.1) Kyubei didn't have to, but it was suspected that he knew that Homura would go find Sayaka. During that time, he had a greater chance at catching Madoka off guard on her own. Or: He didn't want Sayaka to turn into a witch this early and wanted her to turn during Walpurgis Night.

1.2) Kyubei doesn't care about what happens to Sayaka. Unless you put the sentence like this: "He cares about Sayaka to a certain degree because she is part of one of his ulterior motives." (frankly, that doesn't sound nice either)

1.3) Homura cares, that's why she went to see Sayaka and gave her the GS. Or: She only cares about Madoka and thus has to keep Sayaka somehow safe, unwillingly. However, she automatically has to care about Sayaka then so it'd probably be better to assume the former.

(2) If ever the Madoka = (or) ~ Haruhi is true, then it'll be actually quite cool for me. (not that it's not a copycat, it still kinda is copycat-ish [explains the cat? rofl] Anyway, if Madoka ~ Haruhi (~ means similar to) then is there a posibility that Madoka can be able to use magic WITHOUT puting her SG somewhere else (other than her body)?
2.1) Depends, it's a yes or no speculation at this point. I'd say if she has the potential to become an MG without making a contract with Kyubei, then it'd be possible. If she does contract with Kyubei, I believe her S >will< be extracted and put into an SG, because Kyubei is the one taking it out to begin with. The girls don't do it themselves. Also, since the SG is apparently a tool that eventually turns into a GS, it's probably part of Kyubei's overall plan to remove Madoka's soul and put it into a container.

(3) Homura saying "Why are you so selfless [or something like that]?" is kinda surprising. It may mean that Madoka =/= Homura *is steadily crying over the self-incest fantasy* Anyway, how did Mami know about Madoka's potential? Obviously, Homura knows it because she's from the future, but how about Mami? InKubeytor told her or something? I don't think so.
3.1) The way Mami told Homura "So you noticed it, too, eh?" should point towards that she noticed it herself. At this point we can only assume that some potential people simply have sharp eyes/senses that allow them to sense other's talents. To add: Mami also could tell that Homura is a very strong MG (episode 2, conversation in Mami's flat).

(4) If Madoka is that powerful, is it possible that Madoka created 2 copies of herself before resetting the world? One would be the time traveller Homura, could only fully travel back in time once through Madoka? And the other identity would become herself who would eventually go back to her being in a new level of badass or something...?!
Crack theory, but that'd be kinda hard to digest given the amount of episodes we have left.
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