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Meta-World Theory: Reality-Fantasy Perspective

I just picked up reading one of the later chapters on EP3, "Real Magic", and it got me thinking about the meta world. Over the series of Umineko and Higurashi, Ryuukishi has presented situations where higher consciousness-level beings form out of people experiencing varying situations in real life. There are many aspects that can be regarded in a similar fashion, but I'm thinking specifically of three sets of people

Furude Rika ---> Frederica Bernkastel
Yasu ---> Beatrice
Eva ---> EVA-Beatrice

Higurashi as a whole shows the formation of Bernkastel from Rika`s fate in Hinamizawa. Evidence is the plot of Higurashi. Umineko as a story is based around the events of Beatrice`s formation. Evidence is exactly what we are told and what is shown in Umineko. But Umineko also manifests other, varying situations where the concept of these higher level consciousness' inhabit and exist.

One such situation seems to be out of Eva`s mind, who's creation is heightened by the atmosphere of the situation Yasu set up.

The concept of Beatrice in the context of being a title is interesting as it shows how these beings form and then `hide`themselves behind the title of Beatrice, and the veil of legend. I don`t suggest this is all Ryuukishi is saying though, as he does much more by creating a whole level of reality where living beings form and are on a plane of existence where this type of activity is even possible.

And if this idea is accepted, as prominently shown through the main characters Beatrice and Rika, then a similar form of the idea behind these beings can be applied to many different characters throughout the When They Cry series. Erika being a product of Bern's creations is another main example, along with the scenarios of ANGE and Sakutarou, respectably. The 'magic' or fantasy Ryuukishi talks about is having a human consciousness create something out of their mind, either through emotions, imagination or reality-crushing life situations. It's a form of fantasy that doesn't conflict with the normal world in any way except people's physical actions, but it's still there.

This leaves room for lots of speculation about the series, with a 'fantasy' oriented mindset that creates it's own set of answers, separate from the more real life 'mystery' perspective that could be held towards the series. This is exactly what Ryuukishi was talking about in the side TIP, Anti-Mystery vs. Anti-Fantasy. I think the reason he didn't include it in Tsubasa is because it doesn't matter anymore, because the dice have been cast and the perceptions of his fans have been hard fit over the months through Chiru's release.

With this mindset, there is room to examine what Kanon and Shannon really are, and how their existence within the cat box has meaning. It offers interesting questions in what a 'backwards' relationship down from the higher plane to the normal reality works, as with

Featherine ---> Hachijo Tohya

As well as the interesting question of if this sort of reality-fantasy existed, and could theoretically bring happiness to girls like Maria and Ange, is that a bad thing that should be mocked? It also contains the themes of how other people wouldn't (don't) understand it, and the whole idea of perception clashing and disagreements of truth.

It also seems to suggest that the situation Takano Miyo went through in Higurashi, parallel to Rika's situation, was equally as reality-crushing. Enough to have a similar being born out of Takano's self and set of experiences. This would certainly show the link between Lambda and Bern. This idea is interesting enough to give Higurashi another look back as well.

I'm very excited to see what other aspects Ryuukishi chooses to show of his crafted world and setting. His pocket of 'fantasy' within reality.
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