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Because contest threads apparently have to close, I can't edit entries. So to be able to "tweak" things, I'm just going to repost them here for further improvements. I expect most (if not all) will just be EMDAS entries along with parts that would not fit as contest entries. Though I don't plan on caring for the theme and word limit imposed by the contest so the versions here might be a little different then the contest counterpart.

Emperor of One
  • Act I & II
    Act I - Outlook
    • Out of the frying pan, into the fire
    • Praetorian Guard
    Act II - The Chaser
    • Hornests’ Nest

Knightmare is a prequel to Emperor of One. There is one major connection between the two, but I won’t tell you what it is; though eventually it may become obvious. Aside from that the stories are quite different. Knightmare is a magical story, while Emperor of One is a sci-fi story (with no magic elements). The universe is (technically) the same, and it’s called “Penumbra”.

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