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I kinda expecting her to be like that, or rather I had hoped.

Maybe one day we'll see a colour illustration of Misaka Worst pressing her body against Accelerator's body in a dark bedroom with his back against the wall. His legs between her legs while both her arms hook around his neck drawing him in, the tip of their nose are already touching and their lips were just millimeters apart. Accelerator has the eroge protagonist look where his hair fringe covers half his face so we can't see his expression. They both can see as well as feel the warm breath coming from each others heavy breathing. Then peeking through a tiny opening of the door, Last Order is totally freaking out while Yomikawa and Yoshikawa tries to gag and restrain the girl as they get all excited like little boys peeking inside the female's toilet.

Then the quotes would be something like-

Accelerator: "What are you doing..."

Misaka Worst: "You're the one not stopping Misaka..."


Yomikawa: "T-This is...! The legendary forbidden fruit between a father and daughter...!"

Yoshikawa: "Aiho, stop drooling over two kids, you old pervert..."

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