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Originally Posted by Friday View Post
this chapter was very good in my eyes
Spoiler for my 2 cents...:
Please don't use spoiler in a thread dedicated to that which is what's being spoiled.
But yes - to answer your question, Rune = Rene ...
The Japanese name is ルネ (RU-NE - pronounced "Rue-neh"). The Japanese have a weird alphabet which does not map 1-1 with English (hence when they take a foreign name and use it in Japanese, information is almost always lost). Sometimes it's necessary to guess as to what the original was (when the translator doesn't know, they normally leave in the original: Rune/Lune [both are correct transliterations]). Turns out someone here noticed that the Japanese mangle the name Reneé into ルネ.
So some translators leave Rune/Lune for consistency - others use Rene/Reneé since that seems to be a good guess as any as to what it actually is meant to be.
Same thing applies to ユマ(Yuma ['you-mah']) / Uma, イレネ(Irene['e-ray-neh']) / Illena, & ルヴル(Ruvuru/Rubel) / Louvre.
There are even certain names no one has figured out yet - for example リフル(Riful/Rifuru).

This is not something that is unique to Claymore either. For example Norse mythology's 3 fates are: Uršr, Veršandi, & Skuld - not Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld as Oh! My goddess! would have you believe.
Sometime also the name sounds ridiculous in English because it is an English word with a meaning - Guts from Berserk and a lot of Dragonball characters suffer from this... Freezer, Cooler, etc...
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