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I will let everyone know. In 2ch, there was storm going on due to the fact that synopsis of spin-off comics - Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica is revealed. It has big chance that it deals with the world after Madoka's rule reset.

I will just copy the parts that I translated from the synopsis.

From the big-hit original animation series, "Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica', new spin-off comics will be published with whole new writing/story! Sakura Kyouko, who spends the day for noble battle, Tomoe Mami who protects Mitakiharashi city with the heart of justice, Akemi Homura, who silently reaches Kaname Madoka bit by bit. The battles of each mahou shoujo hat should never cross each other, is recreated as one story centering the incident of...


This is, the incident that changes the entire destiny of shoujos..
This is, the start of new mahou shoujo story...
... this is must buy. Urobuchi trolling hasn't ended. Only problem is whether Madoka actually is alive or not...
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