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Okay...picked up the VF-25 book today (and the Sheryl Visual Collection), and, as you all know by now, the story is indeed in there, along with the pictured Sheryl-styled Valk (I wonder why no one posted a pic of the Valk right above that one, that says "THANK YOU RANKA!!" on it...?).

As far as paint schemes go, though, my favorite is the VF-25VJ "Vajra-Aggressor" that's actually painted to LOOK like one of the big red Vajras...

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Y'know, I wouldn't be so averse to a total cut-off of Frontier animated products if supplemental works would at least finish the story... this Chronicle article alone would have helped 1000% to alleviate my last little concerns if it would have been "official".
And yeah, there's the little note on the last page that says that the Valkyrie development and history section, and the Macross Olympia section, are NOT part of the "official setting" of the Macross series. So, uh...yeah. That about says it all, really.
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