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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Let's kill all your friends,wrongly accuse you of commiting the crime and stick you in a crazy prison and see if you don't cry as much as him
Don't forget your best friends' parents hate you to death.

Originally Posted by TheGeekHuntress View Post
I know! I know! I was being sarcastic as people were calling him a crybaby.
He isn't a crybaby but this horrible reality is truly really affecting his life. Let's take a few things that if you was in his position, I am sure you will also cry.
  1. All your friends are all killed by a random red man
  2. You are the witness of a massacre
  3. You are accused of killing your friends
  4. You see a video of yourself bragging about killing everyone... [by grey_moon]
  5. You are send to prison for the rest of your life
  6. Even though you are innocent, not one believe you
  7. The parents of the victims want the worst for you
  8. In prison, you are in jeopardy to be killed at anytime
  9. Recently, you must get a candy if you don't want to die in 3 days by the collar's poison.
  10. The candy tastes terrible bad. [by Haak]

This can make someone cry so easily.

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