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So much for "testing AEC armaments for grunts" theory. Btw Aki, does the translation confirms them as "androids" instead of "cyborgs" or "power armor"? If there's a good moment to confirm the term and avoid popularizing the wrong one, it would be now(before the term become firmly etched into our minds)
According to the info the Raptor are "Humanoid Terminal Units" artificially created using "living material" for their bodies(which bring some troubles with TSAB's regulations at the beginning), similar to combat cyborgs but devoid of any individual traits or personality, they function as a mechanic terminal with automatic operation and that can be remote controlled and are(as i said before) optimized to use the AEC equipment efficiently. They are currently on the end stages of the testing phase and CW plans on manufature and release this product to the security market.

So yeah, they're basically human and fleshy lookin Gadget Drones or, if you prefer, soulless numbers.
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