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Originally Posted by sinistral
that will be very hopeful

oh.. i also have the same problem... the gif is slower than the anime.. when viewed in IE, its like 3/4 the speed of the animation in the anime.. so how to solve this ? or its just like that, cannot be changed.

heres the gif(19 frames) :
Delete the frames that are practically the same, in 1 minute I made it into this:

And let's include a little tutorial written by me:

Palani's Guide For Horizontal/Vertical Scrolling

Note that all this has to be done before cropping or resizing the GIF.

Step 1.

Basic Gif Making, Meaning Deleting double frames and selecting which frames you want for the animation. The latter should be done with pinpoint accuracy since any change in the frames you want can cause you to start then entire process all over again and we wouldn't want that to happen now would we? No, we won't

Step 2.

When you've gotten your frames set the real trick can begin. Start by taking out another object and place it on a set point of the animation (i.e. in Tsunade's GIF her chin for example). Make sure this is visble on all frames. (For imageready users I assume something like this could be done by using a layer above all the other layers., Or by using my method of an erasable magic marker and putting a dot on your screen in the apropriate position). This is one of the most important things since it gives you a focus point. This works as well as a means of not having to constantly switch back and forth between frames to spot that 1 pixel misalignement.

Step 3.

This is the painstaking of putting all frames in the correct place. It's not hard it's that doing this for all frames might take a while.
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