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Name: Sōkō Tateyama (立山 ソウコウ) Title: Sigismund (シギスムーンド)
Occupation: Student
Catchphrase: 傷つけさせない, あなた。あなたの盾になる。
Division: Assault
Rank: A
Ancestor: N/A
Inventory: Glock 77, Modified Uniform.
Physical Characteristics: Well built, but not broad. He is continually clothed in his modified Butei Uniform, which has been padded to reduce the impact of gunshots. Black hair and brown eyes.
Attitude: Quiet. Unassuming. He is a steadfast rock in battle. He has made the first law of the Butei Charter his mantra, his way of life. His reaction speed is legendary. However, his accuracy is only that of a normal C rank student. Often sought for his skills as a bodyguard.

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