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I really liked Valkyrie Profile, thus it inspired me in creating this character based on that game's main character.

Name: Alice V. Primrose
Rank: A
Ancestor: Lenneth Valkyrie
Weapons: undecided for range weapon, a sword named "Gram"
Department: Informa
Favorite Quote: 人の歩みを止めるものは絶望ではなく諦観、人の歩みを進めるのは希望ではなく意思。
Physical Characteristics: Red-iris on the right, pale grayish-blue on the left. Her left eye is blind. The color of her hair is black, with long hair that stretches up to waist. She's a bit small, with a height of 152cm.
- She's usually bright, funny and friendly during normal situations but she acts calm and composed during tight situations. She thinks through things calmly, leading to a sound reasoning, and making correct judgement/actions.
- Her mother language is English. She doesn't speak Japanese very well but enough for normal conversation. She has this weird "Japanese Complex" that she doesn't want to be made fun of Japanese people because she is from another country. So she usually tries to show off her Japanese skill by utilizing Japanese idioms and proverbs in normal conversation. She usually use it wrongly thus it ends up in comedic relief.
- Her favorite color is blue and she hates color black.
- She can speak at least 5 languages.

Spoiler for contains a system introduced in v5:

- Due to unlucky constitution, she always stay indoors most of the time except during morning training or classtime to avoid encounters of misfortune. She loves reading books. A fast reader as well. She can finish a 260-page light novel in one hour. People call her the "walking library". As such, people usually asks her for book recommendation. She actually recommended a school battle light novel to Kinji titled, "Shidan no Maria"(死弾のマリア Lit: Maria the Phantom Ammo), which he very much liked. Recently, Riko had successfully dragged her into the world of visual novel by influencing her into playing Otome games after recommending some games.
- Surprisingly, she has a talent for swordsmanship. It seems her bloodline used to serve as a knight during Middle Age period and somehow she inherited that trait. Shirayuki declares her a rival and she always challenge her to a duel in deciding "who has the right to become Kin-chan's wife" whenever Shirayuki sees her together with Kinji in a lovey-dovey atmosphere. (Yeah, this is part of her misfortune, I guess)
- Because of the color of her hair, she tried dying her hair blonde in past, but it always reverts to black the following day. She gave up trying to dye her hair.

1. Thanatos' Eye - Ability to detect the presence of imminent death. The red eye on the right gives her this ability.

There was a reason why her father was killed. I haven't thought up of a backstory for that but that was connected to irokane stuff. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue developing this character.

Still not finished at this time, and more ideas will be added in future if I have time.

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