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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Guess I better get started then I'll edit this post later with my OC profile... Heh, I've got the perfect guy in mind...
Daemon May Cry?

~~~New Intelligence Data Updated~~~

Since he has the least balance issues, this supporting character from Class-X's "Delta Force" got finished first:

Quade Wilson
Affiliation: Assault.
Voice: Sakurai Takahiro.

One of Class X's few non-SSR members. Specializing in Assault, Quade is a very powerful combatant, able to wield 2 nodaichis and 2 Deagles with ease. According to Quade, the only reason why he isn't "Quaddro" Wilson is because he is, “Mentally unstable first, a reckless loosecannon second, and a tireless motormouth third. Oh wait that’s three reasons.” Wilson also has a knack for breaking the 4th Wall, be it stealing attack names from other characters or talking to himself as though he is addressing the reader.

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