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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Affiliation: Inquesta.
Voice: Miyano Mamoru

Protagonist of the story. Has the dark chiseled looks, but Jim acts cowardly, is lacking in motivation and generally disillusioned with it all. He claims to have been forced into Butei by his family, and hates them enough to prefer to be addressed by first name, and never introducing the last. In spite of this, Nakamura sees potential in him and forcibly drags him along when the A-Team sets off on a quest. After being unceremoniously hauled off by Her Majesty twice, Jim negotiates that he’d come along if he “drive his own car”, more often than not a super Aston Martin made by Nemo (He gets around campus in an Aston Martin Super that was a gift from his awesome uncle.) In battle, while he has plenty of Nemo’s gadgets at his disposal, Jim favors saving his own skin, unless his suppressed sense of justice gets him going. Jim then relies on a Walther PPK (and later P99), his own improvisation and lots of complaining to see him through. For example, Jim has been seen to create high explosives using simple lithium and water, slice up a credit card to cause a traffic jam, or plug leaking vats with chocolate and acid. He thinks on his feet very well. Sometimes, he is fast enough to dissect and predict his opponents’ tactics in a second, then swiftly counter them. Together with Quade and Nemo, they are the 3 Stooges of Class-X, dubbed “Delta Force”.
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