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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Something that has been bugging me.

Why oh why did you go and name your (apparently) female OC with a male name?

Because if she's really from London, that's just silly. And in-universe it'd be silly.
We have a WINNER!

Yes, it isn't her real name. Everything else is a plot point, and related to her ancestor, and her power.

The time Jim discovers her real name is a "flag" event.

And now...

Suzumeno Manami (雀の 愛海)
Affiliation: Butei - B. SSR - 11.
Voice: Taketatsu Ayana

The first thing you notice about Manami is the canine ears on her head and the full tail peeking out from her skirt. Her body may be small, but she’s actually the oldest in class; werewolves age much more slowly than humans, almost twice as slow. So while the proud wolfgirl is 28 years old, her body is that of a 14 year old. She also has her puppy moments, like scratching her back by rolling in the grass or taking a nap in Alis's lap. Resist the urge to cuddle her however, for one cannot tell whether her bark or bite is worse, especially when both hurt as much as hell. Just ask Jim, who suffers the brunt of her assaults for everything from his laidback way of life to his constantly getting in her way to how Alistair “misplaces” so much value upon him. This is because Manami is completely loyal to Nakamura, and considers it her 'duty' to be Alistair's "guardian hound". It is obvious that she finds Jim unworthy of Alistair’s attention. And there’s more; Manami’s tribe are werewolf-pirates that roam the Seven Seas seeking treasure and high adventure. People associate them with mafia and international crime, when in actual fact they are anti-heroes that pose as villains to throw the underworld off their scent. Nevertheless, werewolf-pirates take what they need and leave nothing for their victims. Which then explains why Manami has barged into Jim’s life lock stock and barrel, hijacking everything under the guise of keeping an eye on him. In battle, she alternates forms between fully physically-reinforced wolf, fully hydrokinetic human, and werewolf which has a balance of both. In this manner, Manami juggles the different strengths and weaknesses of each form to maximal effect.


I salute you if you could even guess who her ancestor is.

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