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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
you only need small amount of Irokane to use an ability. Since it's really rare element.

It often use as a jewel on an accessory or rarely on a bullet.
0.001% Gin-irokane then? The shield diameter is about half an arms length.

Originally Posted by Tempy View Post
I just wanna remind folks that for all the fancy guns, blades, funky magical powers, etc, Butei are not supposed to kill, as demanded by Butei Law 9.
Oh I have that in my mind. I make sure all my characters are Misaka Mikotos, ie if they tried they'd definitely can kill someone, but don't on principle.

Except this Dexter-like Butei I thought of. Bashir is overtly a polished, good-natured Ambulance specializing in forensics and criminal psychology. In his other appearances, he helps Isara with cases that are beyond her. But given the chance, this no-ability-user stalks then kills off criminals who he researched to have been guilty but set free by the system. To the tune of "Rogues Do It From Behind."

Inspired by Jack the Ripper discussion. Feel free to shoot it down.

Originally Posted by YoakeNoHikari View Post
God, that is so tl;dr worthy, but I read it anyway.

I have now found motivation to start translating again, because that is most certainly a better use of time than this.

Unless of course, you happen to be creating a character through the first letter of all your sentences?

Ytitnbai... I guess not.
Periodically there will be arguments like this. I had a lot like this in the past with Goose, eventually we agreed to ignore each other so that we don't destroy the thread in the process.

Don't go! I need someone to vet my canonicity...!!!

EDIT: Trying again -->

Kobayashi G. Isara
Affiliation: Butei - B. SSR - 14. Medica.
Voice: Saori Hayama

This cheerful, idealistic and naive medic is wholly into her job, making daily rounds around the class and the school, listening to complaints and worries alike. Not that chestnut-haired “hippie” is out of touch with the world; Isara is conscious of the distrust against superhuman Butei, but she wears the badge proudly, opting to let her work tell them otherwise. Her dress always includes a red scarf that is a heirloom from her grandmother. Isara also loves baking, and often makes extra for giving out. Many boys claim that her muffins have special properties, and with each batch comes even wilder claims, from increasing one’s luck at the lottery to becoming a super Butei for three minutes. Isara’s real ability instead enables her to release the latent power within enriched irokane directly and utilize it. However, irokane is much too rare to be used in this manner, so Nemo created a special alloy of 0.001% irokane and 99.999% ‘secret herbs and spices’. He then cast it into an arm-sized shield that Isara carries this shield of enriched irokane wherever she goes. At minimum output, the energy reinforces Kobayashi’s body, improves her strength and she can levitate by vector-thrusting. Her hair turns the same sky-blue color as her power. She can regenerate her wounds at a higher output, and apply that to her allies, allowing them to heal quicker. At this level, she can project a forcefield around herself, and include her allies at maximum output. However, this burns through the spirit energy reserves within 15 minutes. She can also empower the disc and use it as a blunt weapon. Or else, she throws the disc, making it arc around her opponents like a boomerang. But with her strong power in defense, Isara seldom attacks. Kobayashi is content to be the tank that makes sure her team returns home at the end of a quest.

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