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How the hell do you make rounded images and then borders to those ? There are lots of tutorials on first page yes, but on all of those I fail to understand how do I use the Rounded Rectangle tool properly. It's not like crop tool where the crop area will be exactly 100x100, so with these when it's free hand I could choose any area of any size and it won't look neat or symmetrical if I do so. Also Felix's tutorial has a broken image and I have no idea how I'm supposed to use the masks to even get rounded edges.
1. Select the rounded rectangle tool.

2. Click + hold the shift key.


4. Hide the layer.

5. Ctrl + Click the vector mask thumbnail.

6. Select Layer 1 and then Select -> Inverse.

7. press the delete key to get rid of the selected edges.

8. Select -> Inverse again then Edit -> Stroke.

9. Voila!
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